Gator Is pleased to announce the launch of our retail
friendly line.

Items are being add on an ongoing basis.

Retail packaged items are heavy card stock with a full
frontal formed plastic sleeve to protect the item and keep
an astetic presence that will have these items moving off
the shelves.

As always you can expect the very best quality that Gator
is renownd for.

The Gator pocket hook is the strongest on the market
capable of picking up a 5 foot gopher snake with ease.

Gator 12" tweezers are priced in line with other brand 10"
models and sport rubber coated ends at no additional cost.

All our Gator products are made from top quality materials
and comform to strict quality control measures.

They are all lazer etched with the Gator logo. A brand that
is recognized for its quality.

All Gator retail packed products have upc bar codes.
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