Small Reptile Hide Box size: 5 1/2" wide X 4" deep X 2 1/4" high  (14cm X 10cm X 5.5cm)

This is a great size for a variety of reptiles from hatchling Ball Pythons to adult Leopard Geckos.
Designed to look good in any enclosure and sized to fit most any standard size shoe box on the short side
when used in a rack system.

Made from the high grade polypropylene plastic that is injection molded to ensure the highest quality, strength
and consistency. The injection process makes our hide boxes different than the vacuum formed others on the
market in several ways. Most notable difference being that they are void of the textured surface found with the
vacuum formed process these have a smooth surface though and through making them easy to clean.

They offer a true sense of security for your reptile with minimal exposure, yet maintain easy access.
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